Yaya Herman DUNE

David-Ivar Herman Dune, aka “Yaya” né à Paris en  1976, est un artiste et musicien du groupe éponyme Herman Dune (http://www.hermandune.com/).

Né d’une famille juive suédo-marocaine, il est très tôt influencé par les travaux du peintre suédois Anders Zorn. Il sort son premier album en 2000, et commence à montrer ses dessins lors de ses tournées mondiales.

Il travaille aussi avec l’artiste Marion Hannania. Tous deux inspirés par les lacs de Dalarna en Suède et la forêt qui les entoure. Leur collaboration a pris la forme d’un travail autours d’un Bigfoot bleu en errance dans un Dalarna imaginaire.

Expositions personnelles


(Forthcoming – October- November 2014) – Boreales Art Festival, Caen, France

* Death Wish part 1 – Nivet-carzon gallery, Paris, France (Solo show)

* Valentine Gallery, New York, All Through


*The Sole Champions, Nivet-carzon gallery, Paris, France (Solo show)


*STRANGE MOOSIC INN – Walking Chair Gallery, Vienna, Austria


*STRANGE MOOSIC -  West Germany Gallery, Berlin

* NON-PHOTO BLUE -  Galerie Lucile Corty, Paris

* NON-PHOTO BLUE – Le Silex, Auxerre, FR


*Stereo Notes – Galerie Lucile Corty, Paris


* The Blue Bigfoot Of The Negev - Galerie Lucile Corty, Paris

*Where Is It Slowly Going - Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

*Arts Factory (Galerie Nomade), Paris


*Galerie AAA – Paris

Exposition collectives


*YIA#1 (Young International Artists#1)  in Paris, France

*It’s Not Only Rock’N’Roll Baby! - Triennale Bovisa, Milan, Italie

*These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things -  Galerie Lucile Corty, Paris


*FIAC 2009 - Galerie Lucile Corty

*12 Figures -  Fat Galerie, Paris


*Aqua Art Miami, Miami, FLA -  Cinders Gallery


*CREA ILLIKO, Kingersheim, France

*David-Ivar & Jeffers – Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France

-Yaya Herman Dune participe aussi à de nombreux magazines; (Flaunt, Playboy, Spray, Magic!, Plan B, ModArt)


David-Ivar Herman Dune, aka “Yaya”

Short Bio

I was born in Paris in 1976; my father is a Moroccan Jew, my mother a Jewish Swede.

I grew up in Paris, raised in an absolute love for American music that never departed from me.

As a kid I spent a lot of time at my Grandfather’s house in Mora, Sweden, home of the great painter Anders Zorn. His drawings, sketches, etchings, paintings and sculptures are everywhere there, and they are still today my favorite art.

Since our first album came out in 2000, Music, with my band Herman Dune, has taken me on different continents, to all sorts of places, some of them I could not leave for a time, like New York City.

I went from drawing for Herman Dune to showing my sketches and graphic works from my tours to people, until at some point I saw my drawings hanging at a few art shows, sometimes without any mention of the fact that I was a musician.

Most Recent Work

I recently started a work in Collaboration with the artist Marion Hanania.

We both are endlessly inspired by the lakes of Dalarna, Sweden, and the woods surrounding them.

We decided to set the wanderings of my Blue Bigfoot in her visions of Dalarna, as a testimony of a sighting that never occurred.

First as small-scale drawings, then small-scale paintings, to very large formats, and then to large scale Etchings and prints, we can’t get enough of this work.


-Yaya has had drawings in various magazines (Flaunt, Playboy, Spray, Magic!, Plan B, ModArt)

-Yaya Has been drawing all the art for all work with own band Herman Dune, including 10 Album covers and art, numerous Tour Posters, and many designs for shirts.

-Yaya was a student in architecture, from 1995 to 2000 in Paris (Ecole d’Architecture Paris La Seine) fka Beaux-Arts Architecture



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