┤Yo-Kol-Nidre Death Wish Pt.1├

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┤Yo-Kol-Nidre Death Wish Pt.1├

An exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures by Yaya Herman Dune.

Guest Marion HANANIA

Opening 13.02.14 > 18.00 h

Show 14.02.14 > 08.03.14


In 2013, while taking on a new path under the nickname Black Yaya, Yaya Herman Dune started drawing skull-headed characters wearing wetsuits, emerging from the water.
Death-knights from the bottom of the sea coming for the End Of Nights, masked body-surfers reaping the souls of the living, angels coming to warn him of a nigh peril, or sea-shore visions of ghosts, the bets are up….
Together with the Death Death Death series, Yaya will be showing for the first time the first installments of a series of collaborative drawings with the artist Mayon Hanania, meant for a Horror-Art-Book for children, a story issued from the Myth-Arc of the skull-surfers.
All of this work was done listening to albums by John Lennon & Yoko Ono, giving birth to a whole different series about both artists…
Yo-Kol-Nidre “Death Wish Pt.1” will so show the latest work of Yaya Herman Dune: the Skull-Surfer series (Death-Death-Death), an exclusive insight into his new book with Mayon Hanania (Where They Came From), visions of John & Yoko. Many Painted Clay sculptures from these series will be included in the show!

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